Fire Damage Photo Gallery

Lockport Home Gets Extensive Fire Damage Remediation by SERVPRO

This Lockport property is a good example of where fire damage restoration services begin. The SERVPRO technicians note the shapes on the wall left behind by items exposed to smoke damage and the things with the potential for reuse through proprietary cleaning methods.

Kitchen Fire

The customer had experienced a fire in the home. The cause of the fire was due to stove being left on.  Always be sure to double check to make sure the stove and oven are off before leaving your home. 

Cooking Safely on Thanksgiving

Did you know that Thanksgiving is the busiest day of the year for fire departments when it comes to home fires involving cooking equipment? With more home cooks cooking larger meals than they are probably used to, the number of home fires involving cooking equipment spikes to nearly 4 times the daily average on Thanksgiving! Whether you plan to be in charge of the kitchen or are just helping out, be sure to follow important safety tips when preparing this year's Thanksgiving feast!

Fire Extinguisher Powder in a Fire Damage

Fire extinguisher powder is non-toxic, it is not entirely safe. The chemicals used are considered appropriate for home use, but you should take precautions to avoid touching or inhaling too much of the powder. After a fire, the residue left by a fire extinguisher needs to be cleaned up. If you have sustained even a minor fire contact our office immediately at 716-694-7776 to begin the cleanup process.

Fire Extinguisher Clean up

Fire Extinguisher Clean up

There are times a homeowner or business owner is forced to use a fire extinguisher.  When it comes time for the clean up you should call in the professionals at SERVPRO of Eastern Niagara County to handle the job. The dry chemical will get all over the place and it can be overwhelming to take on personally, we are trained in environmental safety and will make sure the job is complete. At this job we used the HEPA Vacuum to clear the air, as well as the floor, shelves and furniture. The room that would have taken days to clean and sanitize took less than 4 hours.

Nicotine Smoke Damage

When years of smoking has been done in a home it can leave behind a heavy odor and smoke damage. We are here to make it, "Like it never even happened®" with cleaning and deodorization.


This pictures captures a heater that was placed in a customers home . This home was effected by a house fire. The heater was used to provide emergency temporary heat. The customers were very happy and warm.

Celing Clean up

Robin, a crew member at SERVPRO ENC, is cleaning the ceiling after a home fire. She was using a magic scrubbing sponge to remove the debris and damage from the area. The owner was very happy that we were able to clean the soot from the ceiling. We make disasters " Like it never even happened".

Lockport Fires

SEVRPRO of ENC has been out on the scene of the devastating fires in Lockport, NY.  We have been helping many families get their lives back together.  There has been many homes with smoke damage and odor.  The residents of the neighborhood were very happy to have our crew out to help restore their lives.