Storm Damage Photo Gallery

Lockport Conference Room Needs Fast Water Damage Cleanup

Heavy rains brought a large amount of water damage into this Lockport conference room. SERVPRO technicians used extraction equipment and then set up multiple drying units around strategic points to dry both the floor and lower portion of the walls. 

Cold Weather is on its way

With winter approaching, it is critical to protect your home or business from the frigid temperatures.  Frozen pipes can be a large issue during the upcoming months.  When pipes break, water damage follows.  SERVPRO of Eastern Niagara County restores many homes and businesses from water damage caused by frozen pipes.  

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Storm Damage

Unfortunately, basements are susceptible to flooding every time a strong storm hits. The intrusion of rain water is mostly from backyards flooding and sewer systems backing up. This water can damage walls and floors, destroy carpeting, ruin furniture, and lead to the possibility of mold. SERVPRO of Eastern Niagara County has over 30 years experience cleaning up water damages after storms have hit. We understand the necessary steps it takes to properly extract the water and dry out the affected areas before mold creeps in.

What does a dehumidifier do?

A dehumidifier is essentially a refrigerator that forgot to get fully dressed. Really. The basic mechanical function of a dehumidifier is the same as a refrigerator. Compression and expansion of a gas is used to lower the temperature of metal coils to freezing temperatures.

However, instead of the cooling action being directed into a closed box, a dehumidifier is designed to blow warm moist room air over these cold coils. The moisture in the room air condenses on the coils to become liquid water. The water then drips into a drip collection pan, or to a drain. The room air, now freed of much of its moisture, returns to the room slightly warmer than it was.

Air Movers

An important piece of equipment for professional water damage restoration is the air mover. An air mover is specifically designed and engineered to deliver a high volume of airflow over and under surfaces to expedite the drying process. They dry wet surfaces by causing increased evaporation due to air movement and are vital in avoiding prolonged drying time, the number one reason for extensive damage in water damage situations. Increased airflow also inhibits the growth of microorganisms.

SERVPRO of Eastern Niagara County leader in smoke, fire, water and mold cleanup and restoration. We are an IICRC certified firm available 24/7 to meet any disaster in your home or business. We are here for you!

Pictured : Air movers drying a structure in Niagara Falls, NY . The increased air flow helps facilitate drying time and lessening the chances for further damage.


We use dehumidifiers as one piece of equipment during our balanced drying system we use when we are cleaning up after a water loss.  Dehumidification helps to minimize secondary damages.  Dehumidifiers alone are not the only piece of equipment we use. These units are used to capture evaporated moisture in the air. We have to get the moisture out of the material and we use air movers and energy to get the water to evaporate.  Once evaporated the vapor can be removed from the air with a dehumidifier.  "Dehumidifiers are a sealed refrigeration system with defrost mechanism, fan, and water collection system.  The dehumidifier removes energy from the incoming air, then returns this energy as sensible heat to the exiting air.  During this energy removal process, water vapor condenses on the evaporator (cool) coil and is collected." - From Disaster Academy Training Manual

Winter Storm Stella

Winter Storm Stella blasted Western New York on Tuesday and Wednesday , providing much of the region with its biggest snowfall of the winter.  If your residential or commercial property has suffered from water damage from this storm, please give us a call at 716-694-7776.

SERVPRO has a 1-4-8 Service Response Rule:

1- Within one hour from the notice of loss, a SERVPRO Professional will contact you to arrange for service.
4- Within four hours of loss notification, a SERVPRO Professional will be on-site to start mitigation services (if necessary).
8- Within eight business hours of on-site arrival a verbal briefing of the scope will be communicated to the appropriate person.
We will Respond to your emergency needs quickly and Ready for whatever happens.

Hurricane Sandy

Our crews were called to Toms River, NJ for cleanup of the aftermath due to Hurricane Sandy. We spent many hours per day demoing residence of New Jersey homes. We also sprayed many homes with antimicrobial to help combat mold in crawl spaces.