Recent Storm Damage Before & After Photos

North Tonawanda Water Damage Builds Up in Basement

The basement in this North Tonawanda property had water damage after flood water entered and the sump pump failed. The homeowner used this area of the home as a... READ MORE

Standing Water in Niagara Falls Basement After Storm Damage

Basements in Niagara Falls can take on water damage rapidly and unlike other areas of a home, the water generally has nowhere to go if the storm drains are at c... READ MORE

Sewage in basement

Upon arrival, we were notified that the customer had a sewage back up in their basement. Over the past week, the town had experienced heavy rainfall amounts .... READ MORE

Sewage Back up in Basement

This basement was flooded with sewage water in Niagara Falls, NY. It was in result of a storm that had occurred. When we arrived on scene the water was approx... READ MORE

Back up in bathroom

Bathroom affected by sewage back up in drain Our crew arrived to sewage back up from a drain in the bathroom . The crew antimicrobial sprayed and properly dried... READ MORE

Back up from Storm

The customer had a sewage back up due to heavy rainfall. The crews extracted a removed the carpet and pad. The area was properly dried out with dehumidifiers an... READ MORE

Flooding in a Dr office

WATER Damage in Doctors Office Damage was caused by a leak in the leak in the roof after a week full of heavy rain storms. Upon arrival we extracted from the ca... READ MORE

Heavy rains damage many homes

Our area has experienced heavy rains after a snow storm which caused flooding in many homes and businesses. This customer had flooding in his basement which af... READ MORE

Heavy Rains Cause Flooding

Our crews were called to many homes during a busy week of heavy rains. This customer had water damage in their hallway. In the hallway there was wet carpet . ... READ MORE

Rain Storm Flooding

This customer suffered a water damage from a sump pump failure due to the excessive amount of rainfall . When our crews arrived on the job, the basement area wa... READ MORE